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Kevin Sullivan is the Executive Chef/Owner of Tsunami in Memphis, Tn. Since taking over as Executive Chef, he has made the menu his own by introducing a novel take on Southern cuisine and worldly flavors. At Tsunami, Chef Sullivan  works hand in hand with Ben Smith, Executive Chef and Owner since the restaurant's beginning, to create a menu and atmosphere to place Tsunami in the upper stratosphere of the fine dining world of Memphis. 


Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Chef Sullivan is an honor graduate of Northside High and the University of Memphis. A dishwasher in 2002, 2021 sees Chef Sullivan staking claim for respect after  his 19 years perfecting his craft.  His culinary degree  was earned the old fashioned way, by apprenticeship in the most respected kitchens in Memphis. Chef Sullivan is a graduate of the Tsunami Institute of America.


Ever the determined  student, after nearly 20 years in the industry, his goals now are to establish his own brand and identity as a chef and artist, and to connect with his customers through his craft and cuisine. Eating has long been an enriching activity, the food is important but the celebration, the conversation, the people that is why there is food on the table. The person you trust to feed you in those once in a lifetime moments, shouldn't just be the most famous chef, it should be the most caring one. This is the philosophy of Chef Sullivan.


There have been a few accolades for Chef Sullivan-- printed articles featuring him, a top 20 under 30 award, and ownership stake in Tsunami as a reward for years of above average service But just you watch, the best is yet to come.

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