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Home is where the heart is and Tsunami has had mine for 19 years. It wasn’t love at first sight, but it was and is true love. Marriage. Advancement of my career. All happened at tsunami. Ben Smith and Tsunami showed me the way and now as Chef and part owner, it is firmly under the umbrella of places where you can find Chef Sullivan making good food for good people.


Voted Best New Restaurant in it’s first year of business, Tsunami went on to garner other accolades such as Most Creative Menu and Best Seafood. After opening to much acclaim in 1998, Tsunami has continued to gain recognition and garner praise, making Smith one of the select few in the region who can boast of being both a pioneer of Memphis’ now thriving culinary scene and a current contributor to its growing reputation for world


Over time I have started and stopped: catering, doing farmers markets, and doing underground dinners. Ki Kitchen is the vehicle that is  used to promote that. Chef Sullivan is the person but Ki Kitchen is the thing. So for your catering questions, Ki Kitchen is the answer!


Another arm of the Ki Kitchen brand is the Farmers Market subscription box. You ever purchased some odd vegetable or cut of meat from the farmers’ market and you have no idea what to do with it? Well I will do some shopping and offer you some ideas from my mind and kitchen. Several different commitment options are available. 


And the final arm of the Ki Kitchen brand, at least for now is the meal prep service. Cooked food, delivered with only the need to be reheated for one price. I have a menu but feel free to make your own. I have packages but feel free to supplement your own cooking. Most dietary restrictions are no problem for me and I would love to help you be the best you, by taking the work out of your meals!

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